• Electrode Rotating Induction Heating Vacuum Gas Atomization Equipment

    Electrode Rotating Induction Heating Vacuu...

    Features 1. Without in contact with water-cooled crucible or diversion tube, the material will not be polluted. EIGA technology is suitable for producing almost all active materials and refractory metal powders. 2. Technical optimization can achieve effective control of powder particle size distribution, sphericity and oxygen content. 3. The design of two-stage cyclone classification collection system can improve the yield of powder and reduce or eliminated the emission of fine dust. 4. Impor...

  • Single Crystal Growth Furnace

    Single Crystal Growth Furnace

    Application Single crystal furnace often used for growing semiconductor ingots of Silicon, Sapphire or Germanium. Typical layouts are vertical crystal pullers with front-opening door access. Advantages We can ensure the two most important parameters necessary for critical growth: stability and control. Both are necessary to achieve consistency, repeatability, and uniformity – the keys to successful crystal growth in the laboratory and in production. 1. Stability provides the crystal...

  • High Temperature Full Automatic Sintering Vacuum Furnace

    High Temperature Full Automatic Sintering ...

    Application Widely applied in sintering for copper tungsten alloy, aluminum nickle cobalt permanent magnet, neodymium iron boron, carbon fiber permanent magnet, neodymium iron boron, carbon fiber graphitization, silicon carbide product, tungsten molybdenum and other metal materials. It is also suitable for heat treatment and meteorological deposition for other metal materials. Features 1. Reasonable vacuum set can meet the requirement of vacuum sintering technology. 2. Intelligent ...

  • Customized Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace

    Customized Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace

    Description Material is charged into the induction furnace under vacuum and power is applied to melt the charge. Additional charges are made to bring the liquid metal volume to the desired melt capacity. The molten metal is refined under vacuum and the chemistry adjusted until the precise melt chemistry is achieved. Impurities are removed by chemical reaction, disassociation, flotation and volatilization. When the desired melt chemistry is achieved, a preheated tundish is inserted throug...

  • High Temperature Graphite Furnace

    High Temperature Graphite Furnace

    Application Ultra-high temperature graphitization treatment on carbon fiber products, C/C composites, battery anode materials, PI conductive graphite film/graphene film. Features 1. 3000℃ utral high temperature, temperature uniformity<10%. Detecting temperature accuracy 0.3%, temperature control accuracy +1℃. 2. Limited vacuum degree can be set as per technological requirement. 3. Furnace chamber atmosphere controllable, suitable for propylene /methane/high purity nitrogen/argon. 4...

  • 100kg Water Atomizing Machine for Metal Powder

    100kg Water Atomizing Machine for Metal Po...

    Application Water atomizer is suitable for producing irregular metal powders and are widely used in powder metallurgy, diamond tools, sealing materials, electrical copper powder heat conduction materials, conductive materials, welding materials, Superhard material, friction materials, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Production process Copper alloy block – melting – water atomization – pumping powder slurry – drainage and vacuum drying – reductio...

  • Mechanical Induction Heating Pipe Bending Machine

    Mechanical Induction Heating Pipe Bending ...

    The induction heating pipe bending machine machine bed is composed of machine main body, double drive heavy precise screw rod, pipe trolley, electric steel pipe rotary device, guide wheel, driving mechanism, hydraulic station, quenching transformer XYZ adjusting platform, working platform and fence group etc. The bending arm is composed of a machine base, sliding plate, chuck, radius measuring sensor, slewing bearing, angle measurement photoelectric encoder, radius driving mechanism, caster a...

  • WGYC Automatic CNC Tube Pipe Bending Machine

    WGYC Automatic CNC Tube Pipe Bending Machine

    Application WGYC serial pipe bending machine is to fix both ends of the steel pipe. Set the bending radius at one end, and push the other end forward to bend at a constant speed. The steel pipe is driven by precise screw rod and cooled contentiously with appropriate cooling medium to the required bending angle. It can be used for the hot bending of various types of round or square steel pipe, stainless steel pipe and joist steel, and it applicable to petroleum, chemical industry, metallu...

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Zhuzhou Hanhe Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. a professional high-tech enterprise, with a modern plant covering 52,000 square meters, was founded in 2014, located in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province,China. Thanks to our high-tech R&D team which is composed of several experts and doctors, we are enjoying a close cooperative relationship with a number of research institutions and universities nationwide. With strong technology force, we are holding 11 patented technologies and strictly implements ISO9001-2015 quality management system certification. We are engaged in equipment of induction heating, non-standard electric heating, vacuum metallurgy, pipeline forming, and high-performance metal powder production line and process design, railway engineering equipment and automation research, production and sales.

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  • Powder metallurgy and atomization
  • Congratulations! Hanhe won the intellectual property award
  • 3d printing in medical treatment
  • New shipment to Russia
  • Powder metallurgy and atomization

    Powder metallurgy is the industry that manufactures metal powders and uses metal powders (including a small amount of non-metal powders) as raw materials, and uses the forming-sintering method to manufacture materials and products. With the development of modern powder m...

  • Congratulations! Hanhe won the intellectual property award

    Recently, Zhuzhou Hanhe Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. participated in the "Year of industrial project construction" and "warm enterprise action" promotion conference which was held by Zhuzhou municipal government on Dec.29th,2022. Our technical innovation, excellent cus...

  • 3d printing in medical treatment

    A slightly thrilling news has attracted worldwide attention recently. An Australian hospital separated the head from the neck of a cancer patient. Under the protection of a 3D printed vertebral body, the doctor successfully removed the tumor in the brain and implanted a ...

  • New shipment to Russia

    Since 2021, our oversea market share in Russia increase rapidly. After a large pipe bending machine, 200KG water atomization equipment, another vacuum induction furnace has been completed and just delivered. To ensure the equipment can arrive at the customer on time, our...

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